In present paper, the fatigue crack growth of a surface crack in a deck detail made of high tensile thick plate steel in large container ship has been predicted by using the fatigue crack growth method. The stress ranges and mean stresses corresponding to 12 load cases are calculated following the nominal stress calculation procedure in ‘Guidelines for Fatigue Strength of Ship Structures’ by CCS and the fatigue loading spectrums are generated in different combinations of these stress ranges and mean stresses. The stress intensity factors (SIF) for surface cracks in deck details are calculated based on above calculated stress ranges and mean stresses using empirical formulas. Fatigue crack growths are calculated using the unique crack growth rate curve model combining with the SIF calculation method and the fatigue load spectrum generation method. Finally, the effects of initial crack size, mean stress and fatigue loading sequences are discussed. The presented procedure serves as a reference for fatigue assessment of other intricate ship details.

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