In this paper, artificial bee colony (ABC) algorithms are introduced to optimize ship hull forms for reduced drag. Two versions of ABC algorithm are used: one is the basic ABC algorithm, and the other is an improved artificial bee colony (IABC) algorithm. A recently developed fast flow solver based on the Neumann-Michell theory is used to evaluate the drag of the ship in the optimization process. The ship hull surface is represented by discrete triangular panels and modified using radial basis function interpolation method. The developed optimization algorithms are first validated by benchmark mathematical functions with different dimensions. They are then applied to the optimization of DTMB Model 5415 for reduced drag. Two optimal hull forms are obtained by the ABC and the IABC algorithms. A large drag reduction is obtained by both of the algorithms. The optimal hull form obtained by the IABC algorithm has larger drag reduction than that of the hull form from the ABC algorithm. The results show that two ABC algorithms can be used for optimizing ship hull forms and the IABC algorithm has better performance than the ABC algorithm for the tested case in ship hull form optimization.

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