Today’s Navy ships are some of the most complex vessels being manufactured. As such, there are a multitude of stakeholders and requirements that must be satisfied through all phases of construction. Manufacturing issues invariably arise and must be tracked from initial documenting through to resolution. Given the number and types of stakeholders involved in the manufacturing process, this can lead to information silos with multiple groups having differing views into each other’s data (if they have a view at all). While the shipyards have their internal quality (lien) management systems, the Navy system of record for outstanding issues is the Technical Support Maintenance (TSM) system. Lacking an efficient interface between TSM and the shipbuilders organic lien management systems and a mobile component that can be taken to the ship , the TSM system is cumbersome and is yet another source of siloed information. Additionally, once a manufacturing issue has reached the TSM system there can be a significant dollar value attached to resolution. Resolving issues once they have reached the Navy’s system of record can extend production schedules to the right and significantly impact total construction cost and delivery of the product and the value proposition of a program.

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