Amphoterism is the phenomenon where some metallic oxides can exist and react in both acidic and basic forms. This work therefore looked at the possibility of using amphoteric oxides for constructing Floating Production Storage Offloading hulls with a view to combating corrosion. The focal point of the work was on the detailed use of experimental model and statistical analyses to obtain results necessary to support the fact enunciated. In the experimentation conducted, it was noticed that the aluminium used in ship building corroded 100 times slower than steel. During the first year of operation, steel alloy corroded at a rate of 120mm/year whereas aluminium deteriorates at a rate of 1mm/year. This implies that use of aluminium oxide for Floating Production Storage Offloading hull would entail less downtime for dry-docking. The fact that the procedure of formulating a statistical model for corrosion of Floating Production Storage Offloading hull has not been much documented in open literatures makes this effort worth-while at this point.

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