Conventional wisdom says that one of the primary benefits of 3D design in shipbuilding is design man-hour savings. This paper presents a case study of the Intergraph® SmartMarine® 3D implementation at Samsung Heavy Industries to illustrate that design man-hour savings are only a small portion of the overall benefits from 3D design. The benefits of 3D design are derived from a rich set of accurate, high-quality design data and improved design processes that translate into fewer design errors and enable the efficient design and construction of extremely complex ships. This rich set of 3D design data can be integrated into other shipyard Information Technology systems to eliminate data duplication and improve data consistency. Benefits of this rich set of design data can grow and expand over the years as new applications and interfaces are developed to exploit this data. This paper will also show how 3D design has helped SHI achieve its larger business objective of delivering greater numbers of complex, high-technology ships every year.

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