Weld shrinkage data models were developed for thin uniform and complex ship-panels to predict in-plane shrinkage. The complex features in the thin panels include cutouts, inserts, multiple thicknesses, and non-rectangular shaped panels. By analyzing the measured data, it was found that there was no clear indication that a cutout affected the overall panel in-plane shrinkage although it induced more out-of-plane distortion. It was observed that the inserts induced additional butt joint across-weld and along-weld shrinkage and did not affect the fillet-weld shrinkage. The weld shrinkage data models were embedded in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for ease of use. The spreadsheets permit the user to input the panel design parameters including material type, plate thickness, stiffener shape, spacing, and length, and overall panel dimensions, as well as complex-panel features that include inserts, multiple plate thicknesses, and non-rectangular-shaped panels. The user can also provides fabrication details, such as the welding process, weld sizes, welding parameters, and the use of fixtures.

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