Results of wave basin tests on three 1/50th scale floating wind turbine systems tested at the MARIN model basin are presented. The tests included a fully functional model wind turbine and a novel wind machine to produce swirl free inflow at a turbulence intensity of about 5%. Simultaneous stochastic wind and waves as well as multidirectional sea conditions were tested. This paper presents the experimental work as well as validation comparisons to NREL’s FAST floating offshore wind turbine dynamic modeling code. The paper also discusses the testing methodology and presents means to more closely match full scale performance at the low-Reynolds number operation regimes of the model test.

Analyses presented include response amplitude operator and power spectral density plots for the spar-buoy, tensionleg platform and semi-submersible designs. The results presented for the systems highlight both turbine response effects and second-order wave diffraction forcing effects.

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