As part of the NSRP program, various tools and standards have been developed to enable the efficient exchange of product models during the design process. In particular, the ISE Project has developed and demonstrated the capability for successful transfer of structural, piping, and HVAC product models that could be used in detail design. During 2005, NSRP awarded a project for ISE Interoperability Modules (known as ISE4). This project will expand the testing and implementation of ISE tools to support both early stage design and manufacturing efforts. An International Standard (ISO 10303-215: Application Protocol for Ship Arrangements) will be used to exchange product model information during early stage design. Another task in this project entitled “Steel Processing” will focus on using ISE tools and the STEP Standard to define a shipbuilding product model format that will support the requirements of multiple, disparate manufacturing processes. The ISE4 Project also includes tasks to enhance interoperability by providing exchange capabilities for Engineering Analysis and Electrical data. This paper and presentation will show how these new ISE tools will facilitate the exchange of ship product models to support interoperability from early stage design (using Ship Arrangements) through manufacture.

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