Recent experience with the Littoral Combat Ship (LCS), Focused Mission Ship, Ship Structure Committee (SSC) Project SR 1437 and other programs for the US Navy has required the development of structural designs for the unique loads that occur on high speed craft. Using the ABS Rules for Building and Classing High Speed Naval Craft (ABS HSNC) and the DNV Rules for Classification of High Speed, Light Craft and Naval Surface Craft, (DNV HSLC&NSC) the hull girder, slamming and vehicle deck loads required for the design of a US Navy High Speed craft/combatant are reviewed herein. Materials and allowable stresses associated with each of the class society’s rules are summarized along with the required loads and resulting structural modifications for SSC Project SR 1437, which used each of the two rule sets to determine the structural modifications for converting a commercial, high speed ferry into a high speed military transport capable of unrestricted (i.e., open ocean) operation.

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