The United States Sailing Association (US SAILING), under the direction of Karl Kirkman, has undertaken a program of experimental determination of sail force coefficients for representative rigs which are intended to serve as the beginning of a multi-stage effort to better understand, and eventually predict, sail forces. US SAILING is the governing body of yacht racing in the United States and is interested in understanding and improving sail performance in support of its efforts to handicap racing yachts and to improve U.S. Olympic Sailing Team competitiveness.

The Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel (GLMWT), located at the University of Maryland College Park, is participating in this sail force prediction project as part of the US SAILING University Research Program. The GLMWT effort is primarily in three areas which will be described in detail:

1.Development and evaluation of advanced wind tunnel boundary corrections schemes;

2. Model Test Rig design and construction, and GLMWT Main Tunnel Balance interface;

3.Plans for the determination of sail force coeffi­cients for a series of sail models provided by US SAILING and analysis of results. This initial entry will repeat tests performed by US SAILING at the University of Southampton.

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