Model tests have been carried out in the Delft Shiphydromechanics Laboratory with a 3.5 meter model of an 1992 America's Cup yacht. The keel (without the bulb) and the rudder have been isolated from the hull and connected to separate force transducers placed inside the hull in order to be able to measure the lift, the drag and the moment around a horizontal axis on these appendages while being in their regular position underneath the model, as well as on the model as a whole. The experiment consisted of the regular "upright" and "under leeway and heel" tests as customairaly performed in the standard testing routine for sailing yachts of the Delft Shiphydromechanics Laboratory. The model tests have been carried out with four different configurations of the model, i.e.:

- hull with keel and rudder

- hull with keel alone

- hull with rudder alone

- bare hull

By combining the results of all these tests it became possible to evaluate the drag- and lift-interaction of the appendages on the hull and from the hull on the appendages under all conditions of sailing. The results of this analysis of the measurements will be presented in the paper.

In addition these results will be compared with the results obtained from calculations using the CFO panel methods DAWSON and RAPID.

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