The PRIDE of Baltimore II was ordered to be built as a result of the tragic loss of her predecessor. She is not, however, a simple replacement. The purpose is, of course, to continue and extend the mission so success­fully advanced during the more than nine years of nearly continuous sailing commission of "PRIDE I". This program is at the core of her design.

She is, in configuration, sailplan, and material, a traditional fore-topsail schooner, typical of those built in Baltimore early in the 19th Century. She is very much in appear­ance like the first vessel, built 1976-77, which she replaces. Her design and structure, however, are considerably more advanced. Using contemporary techniques and tools in both design and construction she is, we believe, one of the finest wooden schooners of this size to be built. It is the purpose of this paper to describe some of the design and construction features that make this vessel unique.

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