Some years ago, in 1975, I presented a paper and a slide show at an earlier sailing yacht symposium in Annapolis. The subject was a four-year, 28,000 mile cruise I had made in the years 1965 - 1968 most of the way around the world: Hawaii and the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia's Barrier Reef, the Indian Ocean, the Red Sea, the Mediterranean, including the Greek Islands, an Atlantic crossing to Barbados from the Canary Islands, the Caribbean, and home to the Chesapeake. The paper I wrote then was entitled "Extended Cruising: An Overview" and contained sketches and data from my logs. It was same 55 pages long and talked about many facets of cruising from my vantage point, primarily as seen from the decks of Mamari, the 28 foot ketch I had bought in New Zealand.

Lest Mamari 's size appear too small, which perhaps would make me seen heroic, recognize that in displacement and accomodations Mamari was the equivalent of a 33 foot boat. To dispel one other misconception, be advised that I normally sailed with a crew of two, sometimes more, and only sailed two legs single-handed, of about 500 miles each, one from Tonga to Fiji in the Pacific, the other in the Gulf of Suez and from Port Said to the Greek Islands.

The 1975 paper reflected my background as a naval architect, combined with my experience as a sailor. I told of things I learned from others. I analyzed log data, presented photographs, drawings and tables, and wrote a series of "yarns" such as sailors spin about their travels. The paper is touched with a flavor of the sea, a flavor of talk over run or coffee in a snug anchorage or on a shared night watch. That 1975 paper makes good reading, and much of the information is still valid. It could be reprinted and if there is enough interest l will do so (contact me).

This present paper is a brief look at my experiences on a series of sailing trips, but in particular a one year voyage in a 37 foot yawl from Turkey to the Chesapeake via the West Indies in 1980-81. The paper answers the question posed at the 1975 symposium, would I do the trip again? Then, I thought so, but could not be sure, now my reply is, "of course."

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