In the early 1960’s, new techniques involving body movements and rapid, repeated trimming of the sails were developed in order to sail a small boat faster than ever before. Because these kinetic techniques drove a boat measurably faster, their use rapidly spread from class to class amongst the top competitors. In the attempt to try to stop small boat sailing from turning into a strictly athletic contest, the International Yacht Racing union introduced a rule in 1965 governing the use of Kinetics.

Since then, newer techniques have been developed that are not covered by the previous rule. Because these new methods are substantially faster, many top competitors are increasing their winning margins, the fleet is often forced to use kinetics in order to keep up. As a result of their rapidly spreading use, the TYRU has readdressed itself to this problem and has drafted a new proposal. Hopefully, this new rule, if adopted, will clearly define when the present techniques may be used and yet still allow for future developments in kinetic techniques.

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