A theoretical study is carried out to determine the influence on performance of some main design factors of International Twelve Meter Class Yachts, such as length, sail area, beam, draft and stability. This is realized by designing a series of Twelve Meter Yachts in which the length, sail area, beam, draft and the position of the vertical center of gravity are systematically varied. For the design of the canoe body, a mathematical procedure is used. The yachts of this series are each analyzed with respect to the various points of sailing. On comparing boat speed, speed made good to windward, heel and leeway angles for the different yachts for various true wind speeds, a number of conclusions are reached on the optimum values of the design factors investigated. A main result of the study is that the most important question to be answered in designing a Twelve Meter is whether the yacht must perform best in the close­hauled condition in true wind speeds in excess of about 15 knots, or whether the yacht must perform best in wind speeds not exceeding 15 knots, in which case no differentiation is necessary between the different points of sailing.

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