For many years, jobs and Genoas have been attached to headstays with end-pull hanks. In the last few years on small boats, we have begun to use tape straps with snaps and other similar devices. All of these share several problems:

1. They are aerodynamically unclean - they all present the headstay and he luff of the sail to the wind separately - with a gap in between. Beyond the turbulence caused in this way, the hanks and snaps themselves add to the disturbance of air flow.

2. They are potentially unsafe - the hanks can catch and tear other sails being hoisted (particularly spinnakers) - the distributions of hanks along the luff of the sail tends to load the sail and the stay very unevenly (There are, for example, cases of rod headstays shearing under the strain of the bottom or top hank)

3. They make sail changing quite difficult - it is necessary to drop and unhank the old sail before hosting the new one.

4. They are expensive for sailmakers to install.

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