For the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race, the organizing authority made a dramatic shift in direction for the next two editions of the race opting to move to a smaller, less expensive yacht built to exceptionally strict one design standards. This paper outlines some of the motivations for this shift and details some of the critical features of the new Volvo Ocean 65 design and how they compare to solutions on the previous Volvo Open 70 yachts. Discussion of the logistical complexities involved in building the fleet of boats in the required time is also discussed. A review of the structural design is included to illustrate the efforts to improve construction efficiency, reduce cost and dramatically improve robustness of the yacht structures while minimizing the weight additions that result. Finally we review some of the extensive quality control procedures and manufacturing technology that has been employed in an effort to achieve a fleet of one design yachts that are as identical as possible.

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