A method for the prediction of seakeeping behaviour of sailing yachts has been developed. It is based on linear strip theory with some non-linear extensions. The method is capable to take into account heeling and yawing yacht hulls, yacht appendages and sails. The yacht's response amplitude operators (RAO) and added resistance in waves can be predicted for harmonic waves as well as for natural wave spectra. The method is used to study added resistance in seaways for ACC-V5 yachts of varying beam. Results are used for further VPP investigations. The AVPP velocity prediction program is used to study optimum length to beam ratio of the yachts depending on wind velocity and upwind to downwind weighting. This investigation is carried out for flat water conditions as well as for two typical wave spectra. The results show that taking into account added resistance in seaways has a strong impact on predicted performance of the yacht.

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