In the present report an extension of the mathematical model for the tacking maneuver of a sailing yacht, as previously described by the same authors in Reference [1], will be presented. There is a need for such a mathematical model because the tacking maneuver and more in particular the speed loss during such a maneuver, is of interest for handicapping purposes. If this speed loss of a large variety of sailing yachts can be calculated the differences may be incorporated in their respective handicaps. This implies however also that this mathematical model should incorporate only the use of formulations based on “generic” parameters, which describe the hull form and the sail plan of the yacht under consideration. In the present report a more complete description of this model, as available so far, will be presented. The accent is on the hydrodynamic part of the model. As much as possible the results obtained within the Delft Systematic Yacht Hull Series (DSYHS) will be used. In a future report also the aerodynamic part will be more extensively elaborated so that a wider variety of sail plans may be dealt with. A number of simulations with the model have been performed and checked with the results obtained during a series of full scale measurements.

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