Performance differences in box rule racing yachts, such as the International America’s Cup Class (IACC), have progressively decreased, and the gap between the winner and the loser is on the order of a percentage point. Numerical optimization techniques can help the design team by identifying the best course of action for improving the design. However, optimization techniques must fulfill two major requirements; reliability and efficiency. Reliability is obtained by applying edge class CFD solvers, like RANSE solvers. Efficiency is gained by utilizing popular algorithms for local optimization using Global Optimization (GO) techniques. In this context, two different multiobjective optimization problems are formulated and solved. The outcome of this optimization process is a suite of optimal solutions. In this way, the design team is not compelled to accept a single final solution, but will be able to evaluate the trade-off between the different alternatives, selecting the one that represents the best compromise among all the requirements.

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