The geometry and bare hull resistance of the IACC systematic series “Il Moro di Venezia” are presented and analyzed. In the first part, the geometry of the model is described; then a number of comparisons is made, following the logic of development of the series. The parent model resistance is compared with that of models for which a single parameter has been varied. Variations concern the bow shape, the stern overhang, the prismatic coefficient, the midsection coefficient, the BWL/TC and LWL/BWL ratios, the displacement. The comparisons in some cases confirm already known trends, like the effect related to the beam and draft variation. In other cases results are somewhat new and interesting both from a qualitative and quantitative viewpoint, like those concerning the bow shape variation. The second part of the paper deals with a statistical study of the systematic series. The main point of this study is to apply a simple approach that allows the researcher to rank the influence of the geometric parameters on the resistance curve. The choice here is to adopt the simple method of correlation coefficients. Starting from a first ranking of a number of non-dimensional parameters based on the mentioned coefficients, a first approximation of the resistance is obtained. Then this function is successfully improved, by adopting some additional restrictions coming from the consideration of the mutual correlation among the variables and regarding the type of included statistical indicators.

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