Numerical simulation of maneuvering of “Naniwa-maru" was performed to clarify the maneuver characteristics in particular with wearing operation. "Naniwa-maru" belongs to a type called Higaki-kaisen, and the Higaki-kaisen is a type of the more generic class of vessels named "Bezai-ship". Bezai-ship are typical Japanese sailing traders in the 18th to the mid- 19th century which have different appearance and construction from those of Western tall ships. The present paper shows the numerical simulation of her wearing operation, and the results compared with the measured data. The equations of motion dealt with coupled ship motions of surge, sway, roll and yaw with co-ordinate system using horizontal body axes. The numerical simulation indicates ship response according to the measured time history of rudder angle, and shows the ship trajectory and the sailing state parameters such as heading angle, leeway angle, heel angle and velocity. The calculated results indicated the ship performance very well.

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