Interwell connectivity plays a key role in waterflooding for guiding water injection. The existing works focus on the response relationship between one injection well and one production well. No research has explored the structural information of waterflooding on a well pattern. To address this challenge, this paper proposes cooperation-mission neural networks for interwell connectivity with graph information. Specifically, we propose some assumptions based on the petroleum domain to represent the well pattern with an adjacent matrix of the graph. Then we propose two targets from the view of injection well groups and production well groups. Accordingly, we propose cooperation-mission neural networks from these two aspects to evaluate the interwell connectivity in the well pattern. We test our model from two perspectives: the accuracy of estimation with tracer and the graduality of interwell connectivity. The results demonstrate that our model makes a good performance and achieves the connectivity analysis accuracy rate of 91.4%. Moreover, this study demonstrates that it is practical to evaluate the interwell connectivity with graph.

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