Two fiber optic cables are used to describe the fracture treatment of a 6-well pad. The cables include engineered DAS and DTS fibers capable of measuring strain and temperature at all points along the well. A permanently installed in-well fiber is used to quantify the slurry allocation to individual clusters, confirm stage isolation, and monitor offset well fracture driven interactions (FDI’s or “frac hits”). A temporary wireline deployed fiber in a second well is used to monitor for FDI’s. Both fibers are used to collocate microseismic hypocenters to further image the progression of the pressure, fluid, and stresses within the reservoir. A public dataset (MSEEL) is used to allow for collaboration among disciplines and to enable all to validate learnings.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Session Start Time: 1:50 PM

Presentation Time: 4:20 PM

Location: 361F

Presentation Type: Oral

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