We present an updated catalogue of seismicity in the Dallas-Fort Worth basin from 2008 to the end of 2019 using state-of-the-art phase picking and association methods based on machine learning. We then calculate the pore pressure and poroelastic stress changes on a monthly basis between 2000 and 2020 for the whole basin, incorporating fluid injection/extraction histories at 104 saltwater injection and 20576 production wells. These pore pressure and poroelastic stress changes are calculated using coupled analytical solutions for a point source injection in a 3D homogeneous isotropic medium, and are superposed for all wells. We suggest that the poroelastic effects of produced gas and water contribute significantly to fault instability.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 12, 2020

Session Start Time: 1:50 PM

Presentation Time: 2:40 PM

Location: 360A

Presentation Type: Oral

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