In reservoir development areas with complex stratigraphic structure and various forms of lithologic combination, the reservoirs with different combinations exhibit very different reflections in seismic data. Seismic attributes of single-amplitudes or single-frequencies cannot describe the development of reservoirs clearly. In this paper, we proposed new attributes of alternative sweetness (AS) and enhanced alternative sweetness (EAS) combining attributes of Amplitudes, Dominant Frequencies and Number of Zero Crossings (NZS). We demonstrated an approach of using AS to identify the composite structure of stratum, utilizing EAS to estimate thickness ranges of reservoirs, and combining AS and EAS to clarify the reservoir structure combinations and development of the target area. Applying the approach to a real data set verifies that results obtained using our proposed approach can match the drilling and well-logging results well, which confirms that the proposed approach is effective for determining different types of reservoirs in the target area.

Note: This paper was accepted into the Technical Program but will not be presented at the 2019 SEGAnnual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas.

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