Evaluation of the resolution of seismic data is an indispensable basic work for acquisition scheme demonstration, data result analysis and technical researches. The existing resolution evaluation of seismic data is mainly a qualitative analysis of local location, lacking objectivity and efficiency, the existing resolution evaluation method of the raw data and imaging data does not consider the influence of noises and the evaluation result cannot truly reflect whether the resolution of data is high or low. In this case, the evaluation of the resolution of seismic data requires a global, quantitative and efficient method that takes into account the influence of noises. In this paper, the resolution of raw and imaging data is quantified indirectly by the SNR in the frequency domain; the application of this method in the actual data of multiple research fields is introduced; the actual application feasibility of the quantitative evaluation method is verified, which provides a method support for the quantitative evaluation of the resolution of seismic data.

Presentation Date: Tuesday, September 17, 2019

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