Due to the band-limited characteristic of seismic data and noise pollution, seismic inversion shows the strong ill-posedness, thus conventional seismic inversion methods have inherent defects in recovering stratigraphic information of large-scale (low-frequency) and small-scale (high-frequency). To avoid the stratigraphic information of large-scale and small-scale are covered up in seismic inversion, the matching pursuit based multi-scale seismic inversion is proposed in this paper. Seismic data can be decomposed into different scales (frequency bands), and the resolution of inversion is raised by iterating inversion via multi-scale seismic inversion. The constraint of low frequency can improve resolution furtherly by proposed method. More precisely, low frequency information of P-wave impedance is obtained by large scale inversion. On this basis, high frequency information of P-wave impedance can be obtained by intermediate scale and small-scale inversion. The results of inversion show that the P-impedance can be obtained even by using smoothing model. The dependence of model accuracy of conventional inversion method is alleviated by the seismic inversion method of multi-scale seismic inversion. At last the 1-D model and seismic data are processed by proposed method to verify the validity and practicability of proposed method.

Presentation Date: Monday, September 16, 2019

Session Start Time: 1:50 PM

Presentation Time: 3:55 PM

Location: 221B

Presentation Type: Oral

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