Near-surface velocity model is the key issue to seismic imaging and static correction. It has becomes a broad consensus that it is velocity model, not imaging algorithm, determines the quality of image. Waveform tomography or FWI is a powerful tool to obtain underground velocity. However, the application of waveform tomography has some obstacles. One of the biggest problems that prevent the application is the non-linear waveform misfit function. Correlation-based first arrival travletime tomography could obtain highly accurate velocity model in complex structure district using cross-correlation misfit function, and even don’t need to pick first arrival time or wavelet. Though this method appears to provide less model resolution compared to waveform tomography, this method could work well in those places traditional ray-based tomography may fail because of the high velocity layer exposing to the ground. Theory and numerical example indicate that this method could accurately perform near-surface velocity modeling and has a broad application prospect.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Start Time: 1:50:00 PM

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