Considering the practical aspects of implementing the full wavefield modeling method is critical for analyzing this method and its theoretical, as well as, numerical limitations. We implement stretched-coordinate perfectly matched layer (SC-PML) in order to model the wavefields more accurately, where the operators are implemented using a staggered-grid finite difference scheme. Although the PML results in non-self adjoint Helmholtz operator and, hence, gives complex-valued eigen values and eigen functions when the modal decomposition is carried out, we show that its solution is kinematically consistent with that obtained independently from the eikonal equation. We also show that a particularly difficult case, diving waves, can indeed be numerically modeled. This work sets the stage for further investigation of full wavefield modeling as a potential competitor to conventional two-way wave equation modeling in terms of completeness and accuracy.

Presentation Date: Thursday, September 28, 2017

Start Time: 10:10 AM

Location: 381A

Presentation Type: ORAL

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