Due to insufficient velocity information and complicated wave propagation phenomena, such as scattering, interference and multipathing, angle-domain common-image gathers (ADCIGs) may not be flat after velocity model building and migration. This can degrade the quality of stacked migration images and make interpretation difficult. In this paper, I propose an approach to optimize the stacking quality of ADCIGs using local warping and simulated annealing optimization. A misfit function is designed to measure the semblance of ADCIGs with respect to different local warping functions. By finding the optimal local warping function to maximize the semblance, I am able to flatten ADCIGs. Considering potential cycle skipping and local minima issues, I use a simulated annealing approach to solve this inverse problem and search for the best local warping function. Several numerical experiments demonstrate that this approach enables us to flatten ADCIGs and achieve better stacking quality of migration images. Compared to other approaches, this is an automatic procedure without selecting pilot or reference traces.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Start Time: 9:20 AM

Location: Exhibit Hall C, E-P Station 3

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