In the area where salt is widely developed, since the salt is easy to deform and flow, the synkinematic strata can be folded and bent to form extremely complex structure, where faults detection becomes a very difficult task just using conventional methods. In this paper, based on the principle that the gradient structure tensor can describe the characteristic of the seismic structure, a new faults and salt dome detection method is proposed. Firstly, the gradient structure tensor was constructed using seismic data; Secondly, the eigenvalues and eigenvectors were calculated through the spectrum decomposition of the gradient structure tensor; Finally, using three eigenvalues, a chaos measurement index was constructed to detect faults and salt distribution effectively in complex structure. The application of real data shows that, compared with the C3 and curvature algorithms, the proposed method is more suitable in the discontinuity detection in compression salt tectonics and synkinematic strata.

This paper has been withdrawn from the Technical Program and will not be presented at the 87th SEG Annual Meeting.

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