In 2015, a field test was conducted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to acquire seismic data during an Ocean Bottom Cable survey using Autonomous Marine Vehicles, or wave gliders, equipped with a 3D Sensor Array (3DSA) of hydrophones. The wave gliders use wave energy to move in the water and can be programmed to follow a certain path or to hold station. The distribution of sensors in a 3DSA leads to an estimation of the 3D spatial gradients of the recorded pressure wavefield, which can be used in processing, e.g., attenuation of receiver side ghost effects. The paper discusses the acquisition QC and some of the processing opportunities enabled by this novel acquisition system. Seismic acquisition with wave gliders could advantageously complement streamer surveys, in sensitive areas and/or when large offsets are required.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 17, 2016

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