In this paper we introduce a large-scale 3D inversion technique for towed streamer electromagnetic (EM) data, which incorporates seismic constraints. The inversion algorithm is based on the integral equation (IE) forward modeling and utilizes a re-weighted regularized conjugate gradient method with adaptive regularization to minimize the objective functional. We have also incorporated in the inversion the moving sensitivity domain approach in order to invert the entire large-scale towed streamer EM survey data while keeping the accuracy and reducing the time and memory/storage of the computation. The developed algorithm and software can take into account the constraints based on seismic and well-log data, and provide the inversion guided by these constraints. Application of the developed method to the interpretation of the large-scale towed streamer EM survey data acquired in the Barents Sea demonstrates its practical effectiveness.

Presentation Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Start Time: 3:20:00 PM

Location: 174

Presentation Type: ORAL

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