Based on 1D White's model, we study the dispersion characteristics varied with gas saturation in two kind of patchy-saturated sanstone reservoir models, which are single-interface model and thin-layer model. Firstly, we calculate and validate the sensitivity of P-wave velocity and attenuation to gas saturation in patchy-saturated rocks. Then, we apply the propagator matrix method to model the frequency-dependent AVO responses and seismic responses of layered reservoir. Lastly, we quantitively calculate the dispersion attributes through frequency-dependent AVO inversion from seismic data. Based on thin-layer model, the dispersion characteristics and the sensitivity of the dispersion attribute to gas saturation in different cases of thickness are analyzed.

Presentation Date: Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Start Time: 4:35:00 PM

Location: 150

Presentation Type: ORAL

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