Elastic impedance inversion has been widely used in prestack seismic inversion. However, the inaccurate average angle will bring error to the inversion results, especially when the difference between the elastic parameters of the upper and lower strata is large. Three-term equations are easily affected by noise, which may make the inversion instability, besides, the weight of density term is too small to obtain accurate inversion result when the angle is small. Based on the incident-angle approximation and Fatti approximation, this paper proposes a two-term elastic impedance equation containing the P-wave impedance and S-wave impedance and establishes the corresponding prestack inversion method. The P-wave impedance and S-wave impedance can be directly obtained by inversion. Besides, the inversion results are more accurate than that of Fatti-EI. Numerical examples indicate that our method can get accurate result even for noisy data.

Presentation Date: Monday, October 17, 2016

Start Time: 4:35:00 PM

Location: Lobby D/C

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