Recent seismic data acquired in the Flemish Pass Basin offshore Newfoundland shows AVO anomalies in three Tithonian age sands up-dip from where a well was drilled, Mizzen L-11. As an alternative to fluid substitution, this study considers marine CSEM forward modeling to assess the reservoir potential and de-risk the L-11 prospect. The 3D models were built by incrementally adding surfaces to gradually increase complexity resulting in four distinct models. The constructed models were able to reflect the necessary scale and complexity of the Flemish Pass Basin. In summary, the marine CSEM results generated from these models were of good quality and matched well with the measured data. Sensitivity to the Mizzen L-11 reservoir was found, but it may be below the detectability threshold. However, the L-11 reservoir is quite small and if the reservoir had been of sufficient size (equivalent to the size of its neighbor at O-16) a measurable sensitivity would be present.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Start Time: 10:45:00 AM

Location: 174

Presentation Type: ORAL

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