Staged Differential Effective Medium (SDEM) models are a general technique for modeling the impact of mineralogy and texture on permeability, resistivity, and acoustic measurements. Independent investigations of resistivity and acoustic properties have been previously addressed the problem for carbonate reservoirs. The literature lacks a jointly optimized model which is proposed in this paper. To further constrain the model parameters in the nonlinear optimization, independent measurements of petrophysical (NMR) and petrographical properties (µCT) are inputs to the model.

The calibrated petro-elastic and petro-electric models that we generate allow pore structure to be derived from velocity and resistivity interpretations of well logs. Rock physics templates that are created using SDEM are also important to calibrate and interpret pre-stack seismic inversion results.

Presentation Date: Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Start Time: 8:25:00 AM

Location: 167

Presentation Type: ORAL

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