Anelastic effects of the overburden cause seismic amplitude attenuation, wavelet phase distortion and seismic resolution reduction. It is desirable to correct the frequency dependent energy attenuation and phase distortion within a prestack depth migration. The situation becomes more challenging in complex geological regions which host absorption effects such as shallow gas clouds. The wavefields can be severely complicated and distorted by strong velocity contrasts and significant attenuation, hence masking the image of deeper targets. To deal with such challenges associated with absorption in complex geological regions, which need to account for multi-pathing and anisotropy in wave propagation, we have developed a stable visco-acoustic TTI reverse time migration (RTM). This is based on a formulation we derived for viscoacoustic wave propagation in a TTI medium to compensate for the anelastic effects in seismic data. We will demonstrate our visco-acoustic TTI RTM with both synthetic and field data examples.

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