Compared to land 4D seismic surveys, reservoir monitoring based on marine towed streamer 4D is very challenging for non-repeatability of shot position, receiver position, marine condition, feather angle, etc. In 2003 and 2013, two towed streamer seismic surveys have been acquired in South China Sea respectively. During the monitor (2013) acquisition, we analyze the repeatability including statistical measure of shot positioning error ds, feather angle


, feather angle error


d, etc for 4D QC. Moreover, we propose a new approach for repeatable 4D seismic data reconstruction. If the sum of shot error and receiver error between baseline and monitor survey is below 100 meter, these trace pairs from two runs are chosen as the reconstructed data. The method tries to alleviate non-repeatability of acquisition and makes the 4D binning azimuthal preserved. Repeatable 4D seismic data reconstruction improves the repeatability, which is very beneficial to 4D seismic processing and prediction of remaining oil.

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