As a result of a more aggressive exploration strategy, Total has recently entered many large blocks in new countries around the globe, often in frontier areas devoid of adapted seismic grid. Short contractual turnarounds, challenging environments, new play types, complex geology, cost containment, have lead to new exploration strategies and technological and organizational adaptations on the way geophysical surveys are designed, planned, processed and interpreted.

In this paper, a couple of recent technologies are exemplified for surveys acquired or planned by Total in different environmental and geological settings.

These achievements to properly address new exploration challenges rely greatly on the technologies developed by geophysical contractors (new acquisition techniques and equipment, processing capabilities). However they have been made possible thanks to Total’s R&D realizations in developing proprietary softwares in seismic velocity model building, depth-imaging, modeling, and interpretation. Moreover, Total is one of the few E&P majors to have developed High Performance Computing1 (HPC) capabilities to serve its ambition as a leader in advanced and fast depth imaging.

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