There has been an increased interest in de-ghosting methods, which remove the effect of the sea-surface reflection, utilizing multi-component data. Various methodologies have proven that it is possible to successfully remove the ghost utilizing multi-component data.

These methods are applied in the time domain at an early stage of a seismic imaging work-flow. This is appropriate for time-domain imaging. This presentation will show that the de-ghosting step is not necessary if multi-component data is available and the imaging is performed in the depth domain. The multi-component data can be used directly in a depth-domain imaging work-flow to remove any adverse effects of the ghost/sea-surface reflection.

It is quite straight forward to realize this fact, since the wave-equation is a second order Partial Differential Equation, and access to both pressure and (particle) velocity components constitutes a complete set of initial/boundary conditions; hence the wave equation has a unique solution.

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