Based on the wavelet decomposition theory of seismic pulse and its reconstruction, we proposed one method to make of wide-band wavelet. A series of seismic wavelets can be made in this way. In virtue of complex frequency B-spline wavelet, we formed the wide-band B-spline wavelet with four parameters and deduced its analytic expression both in the time domain and in the frequency domain. The numbers and energy of side lobes of the new wide-band B-pline wavelet with four parameters can be easily adjusted through its parameters. In comparison with the Ricker wavelet and wide-band Ricker wavelet in the condition of same main lobe equivalent frequency, the wide-band B-spline wavelet with four parameters not only has smaller side lobe but also has shorter time length. The synthetic result of wedge model indicated that the wide-band b-spline wavelet with four parameters has higher resolution. Finally, we also discussed its parameters adjustment in the practical application. Therefore, the seismic data processors and interpreters may have more seismic wavelet selections conveniently.

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