High-resolution seismic data is needed for development of the TP65 sand, which is the main reservoir of the Cannonball field. The TP65 sand consists of two sand units: a high net-to-gross unit above a lower net-to-gross unit. Spectral blueing has been applied to the original seismic data over the field to increase the seismic resolution. The improvements in resolution were quantified by wavelet estimation at the field discovery well and show that the usable seismic bandwidth has been increased by 20Hz. Colored inversion of the blued seismic data has allowed more detailed correlation to the sand units in the well compared with the inversion of the original seismic data. Attribute analysis shows the areas where the two sand units are being separated or where only the upper sand unit is present. There is also better definition of a channel feature and of small-scale reservoir features, including the gas-water contact.

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