The generalized screen propagator (GSP) is a one-way wave-equation based, wide-angle wavefield extrapolation operator that has been successfully applied to 3-D pre-stack depth migration for imaging complex structures. The dual domain implementation of GSP provides a fast and accurate 3-D wavefield extrapolator and can produce highresolution and high-fidelity subsurface images. This migration technology was applied to the Diamond/PGS dataset covering the Hickory Field, Grand Isle South Addition, Gulf of Mexico. The objectives were two fold: (I) compute a prestack depth migrated volume encompassing the field and (II) obtain an improved understanding of subsalt illumination issues. Image results from 2-D prestack, 3-D prestack with restricted aperture, 3-D prestack with full aperture and 3-D poststack depth migration were computed and compared. An illumination study, including the computation of total and directional illumination intensity, was carried out to better understand the origins of subsalt amplitude variations.

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