3-D seismic volumes from the central Fort Worth Basin display fractures and collapse features that extend vertically some 800 m from the Ordovician Ellenburger Formation to the middle Pennsylvanian Caddo Limestone. These features have been attributed to collapse of subaerial karst features in the Ellenburger. We have used dip derivative and coherence seismic attributes to investigate the origin of these features. Although time slices through the Ellenburger contain features that can be interpreted as cockpit karst, dolines and frying pan valleys, the alignment of many sinkhole features in the Ordovician Ellenburger coincide with later age Pennsylvanian lineaments. In addition, the length of the vertical collapse features is excessive for simple Ellenburger cavern collapse, and horizon slices on the Pennsylvanian Caddo limestone lack exposure features of significant magnitude to produce 800+m of top-down karst.

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