Elastic modeling of an offshore California field has been used to test Prestack Kirchhoff Time Migration (PSTM), Prestack Kirchhoff Depth Migration (PSDM), and Wave Equation Finite Difference Prestack Depth Migration (FDMIG) [Zhou][Biondi]. Once the superiority of the FDMIG was established using the exact velocity model, we turned our attention to a blind test in an effort to quantify how accurately we could determine the velocity model using conventional migration velocity analysis (MVA) with FDMIG. The results were so encouraging that we applied the algorithm to the real dataset that was used to define the model. That real data migration is discussed at the end of this paper. Introduction A great deal of work has been done demonstrating the superiority of prestack depth imaging over time imaging in complicated geologic settings such as sub-salt and overthrust environments.

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