A 4-D (time lapse 3-D) survey was acquired in 1999 across three producing fields (Schiehallion, Foinaven and Loyal) in the West of Shetland, U.K.C.S. This survey was justified on the basis of:

a) a seismic reprocessing study which demonstrated a high level of repeatability between two pre-production 3-Dā€™s.

b) the F.A.R.M. (Foinaven Active Reservoir Management) experiment showed a clear time lapse reservoir response after ten months of production and

c) a small number of producing wells in Schiehallion showed G.O.R. (Gas Oil Ratio) evidence which apparently resulted from poor pressure support and some field compartmentalization.

These observations provided the business and technical impetus to use the seismic response to explore the dynamic reservoir performance, twelve months after first oil. This paper describes the methods which allowed a repeatable fast track product to be provided across the Schiehallion field only seven weeks after end of acquisition.

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