The prediction of Paleogene reservoir in BoHai area is the difficulty and key of oil and gas exploration and development. The Paleogene drilling in the eastern slope area of ChengBei low uplift has proved that the oil and gas shows are active, the reservoir forming conditions are superior, the lateral changes of the reservoir are fast, and the development degree of the reservoir is an important factor affecting the oil and gas exploration and well location deployment in this area. Aiming at the problems of few exploration wells, low resolution of Paleogene seismic data and fast lateral change of reservoir in the target area, through the innovation of seismic inversion method, a stochastic simulation inversion method based on configuration modeling is proposed, which improves the reservoir prediction accuracy under the condition of Paleogene sparse drilling. Through the characterization of reservoir distribution characteristics, it provides strong support for the next deployment of Paleogene wells.

Note: This paper was accepted into the Technical Program but was not presented at IMAGE 2021 in Denver, Colorado.

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