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Keywords: core analysis
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Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 24 (04): 721–732.
Paper Number: SPE-206744-PA
Published: 10 November 2021
... Copyright © 2021 Society of Petroleum Engineers artificial intelligence reservoir characterization flow in porous media natural rock fluid dynamics core analysis structural geology printing reservoir geomechanics upstream oil & gas 3d-printed sample porosity reservoir evaluation rock...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 24 (04): 780–808.
Paper Number: SPE-202700-PA
Published: 10 November 2021
... profile, along with other conventional core analysis data, were fed as features into the ML model. The entire data set was split into 70% for training, 15% for validation, and the remaining 15% for the blind testing of the model. The 70% of the data set for training teaches the model to capture fluid flow...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng (2021)
Paper Number: SPE-200633-PA
Published: 25 October 2021
... and the formation of excess water may involve processes such as changes in wettability with time, multiple cycles of saturation directions (hysteresis), and possible counter-current flow. These processes are far more complex than that given from typical special core analysis (SCAL) experiments. Detailed pore-level...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 24 (02): 341–357.
Paper Number: SPE-205354-PA
Published: 12 May 2021
... Engineers machine learning core analysis upstream oil & gas ct image artificial intelligence drilling operation classification pixel principal component core description reservoir characterization structural geology statistical feature information svm classifier massive fine-grained...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 23 (04): 1420–1439.
Paper Number: SPE-201235-PA
Published: 12 November 2020
... simulation fluid dynamics exponent core analysis well logging drillstem testing upstream oil & gas resolution correlation machine learning production monitoring reservoir surveillance complex reservoir drillstem/well testing seismic data porosity production control log analysis flow...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 23 (04): 1203–1218.
Paper Number: SPE-202494-PA
Published: 12 November 2020
... artificial intelligence fluid dynamics reservoir geomechanics upstream oil & gas core analysis reservoir simulation reservoir characterization flow in porous media full-immersion experiment assessment parameter estimate hannon 2020 hannon permeability estimate november 2020 full-immersion...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 23 (04): 1190–1202.
Paper Number: SPE-202493-PA
Published: 12 November 2020
.... To provide a greater understanding of petrophysical properties of low-permeability geologic formations such as shales and tight gas sandstones, this study introduces a novel core-analysis procedure. The technique follows conventional pressure-pulse-decay permeametry, where the pressure in an inlet chamber...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 23 (03): 0843–0853.
Paper Number: SPE-193752-PA
Published: 13 August 2020
...Adolfo D'Windt; Edwin Quint; Anwar Al-Saleh; Qasem Dashti Summary Flow zonation and permeability estimation is a common task in reservoir characterization. Typically, integration of openhole log data with a conventional and special core analysis solves this problem. We present a Bayesian‐based...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 23 (02): 606–626.
Paper Number: SPE-195930-PA
Published: 14 May 2020
... reservoir, and flowback water production from a second MFHW, also completed in a tight oil reservoir. Experimental (gas) data generated using a recently introduced RTA coreanalysis technique were also analyzed using the new SLA method. In all cases, the new SLA‐method results are in excellent agreement...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 23 (01): 187–199.
Paper Number: SPE-197058-PA
Published: 17 February 2020
... component damage degree permeability reservoir University reservoir characterization core analysis water-sensitivity damage bedrock reservoir chemical flooding methods hydraulic fracturing mixed-layer illite smectite china university structural geology enhanced recovery drilling fluids...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 22 (04): 1334–1345.
Paper Number: SPE-197066-PA
Published: 14 November 2019
...Pouya Soltani; Saeid Sadeghnejad; Amir Hossein Dehaghani; Rahim Ashena Summary Core analysis is one of the most important steps in formation evaluation. The availability of routine–coreanalysis (RCAL) and special–coreanalysis (SCAL) data results in a better characterization of reservoirs...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 22 (02): 509–519.
Paper Number: SPE-185767-PA
Published: 31 December 2018
... can be obtained from special core analysis (SCAL), but those data are not readily available, and the cost and time of analyzing different possible injection waters can be excessive. There is thus a need for early evaluation of wettability because it is crucial for selecting optimal field‐development...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 18 (03): 407–416.
Paper Number: SPE-174548-PA
Published: 20 July 2015
...J. M. Wood Summary The efficacy of crushed-rock samples vs. small plugs or full-diameter core samples for measurement of porosity, permeability, and fluid saturation is an important consideration in the evaluation of tight-gas reservoirs and shale-gas reservoirs. Crushed-rock core analysis methods...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 13 (02): 179–192.
Paper Number: SPE-115247-PA
Published: 11 March 2010
... logging program for one well that recorded nuclear-magnetic-resonance (NMR) and borehole-resistivity images, to characterize the storage formation better. A core analysis program carried out on reservoir rock and caprock included measurements of helium porosity, nitrogen permeability, and brine...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 9 (06): 647–653.
Paper Number: SPE-84302-PA
Published: 01 December 2006
...Shameem Siddiqui; Taha M. Okasha; James J. Funk; Ahmad M. Al-Harbi Summary The data generated from special-core-analysis (SCAL) tests have a significant impact on the development of reservoir engineering models. This paper describes some of the criteria and tests required for the selection...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 8 (06): 460–469.
Paper Number: SPE-81575-PA
Published: 01 December 2005
...Mehdi M. Honarpour; Nizar F. Djabbarah; Krishnaswamy Sampath Summary Whole-core analysis is critical for characterizing directional permeability in heterogeneous, fractured, and/or anisotropic rocks. Whole-core measurements are essential for heterogeneous reservoirs because small-scale...
Journal Articles
SPE Res Eval & Eng 1 (01): 82–87.
Paper Number: SPE-36853-PA
Published: 01 February 1998
..., and microscopy images, are also included in the system. We used homogenous dry core plugs from three North Sea oil fields in this work. We recorded images of plug surface, together with conventional core-analysis data (i.e., porosity, gas permeability, average grain size, and mineralogy). The new method is based...

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